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The Future of Safety, Performance and Efficiency

Thanks to our symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system and the knowledge we have gained through years of success in World Rally Championship events, Subaru stands as one of the world's foremost automotive authorities on all-wheel drive. In fact, Subaru is the only automotive manufacturer in the world to include the safety and performance of all-wheel drive in each and every vehicle we build. Not surprisingly, you can expect All-Wheel Drive to be an integral part of our future as Subaru continues to engineer vehicles that deliver safety, performance and efficiency of the highest possible standards.

B9 Scrambler Hybrid-Drive Roadster Concept

The B9 Scrambler (SC), which made its world debut at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show in late 2003 and its Canadian debut at the 2004 Canadian International AutoShow, is a hybrid-drive roadster concept that not only hints at Subaru's striking new design direction but also offers a first glimpse of Subaru's new hybrid-drive technology. Beyond the new looks and the impressive new gasoline-electric hybrid-drive system, the B9SC remains true to Subaru's commitment to the safety and performance benefits of symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive.

As the first sports car concept penned by new Subaru design chief Andreas Zapatinas, the B9SC suggests the design elements - particularly the aeronautical-themed grille meant to evoke Subaru and Fuji Heavy Industries' ties to airplane manufacturing - that will be incorporated into Subaru production vehicles in the years to come. The B9SC also boasts muscular fender flares, aggressive 19-inch wheels, a striking two-tone iridescent paint job and a thoroughly modern interior, all meant to emphasize that future Subarus will incorporate both world-class engineering and world-class aesthetics.

However, the most impressive aspect of the B9SC lies beneath its skin, as it features a gasoline-electric hybrid-drive system designed to be both performance-oriented and fuel-efficient. Called Sequential Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle (SSHEV), the B9SC's hybrid system uses both a 140 hp, 2.0 litre SUBARU BOXER engine and a 134 hp, 100-kilowatt electric motor that never needs to be plugged in. Developing a combined 274 hp, the B9SC offers true sports car performance while remaining environmentally friendly.

At this time, the B9SC is a concept vehicle only and is not available for sale.

R1e Urban Electric Concept

First presented at the 37th Tokyo Motor show in late 2003, the R1e urban electric concept is a high-style, zero-emissions vehicle designed to appeal to singles or young couples living in congested cities. Designed with a sporty stance and clean, sculpted lines, the R1e runs on advanced manganese lithium-ion batteries which can be recharged by plugging the vehicle into an external electrical supply similar to those used by home air conditioning units. While the small, stylish and environmentally friendly R1e was designed with the crowded streets and expensive gasoline prices of Europe and Japan in mind, it represents the forward thinking and high-tech engineering of future Subaru products to be available around the world.

At this time, the R1e is a concept vehicle only and is not available for sale.

B11S Four-Door Sports Coupe Concept

Introduced at the 2003 International Geneva Motor Show, the B11S stands as an elegant and practical reinterpretation of the traditional coupe. Developed as a Gran Utility Turismo and emphasizing sporty driving, comfort, functionality and elegance, the B11S offers superb levels of performance, ensured by the inherent balance of the Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system.

Under the hood, the B11S features a six-cylinder, 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine developing an estimated 400 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque while still meeting global environmental considerations. Combined with Subaru's sophisticated symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system and a performance-oriented five-speed automatic transmission with Variable Torque Distribution (VTD), the B11S is capable of a high level of performance, stability, traction and safety.

The exterior design of the B11S, composed of sophisticated flowing curves, expresses an elegance that belies the fact that the car comfortably accommodates four adults in understated, yet high-quality surroundings. Further differentiating the B11S from other sports sedans is a frosted glass roof and side doors that open like a gate and latch together without relying on a conventional B-pillar, giving the car a very open-air, spacious, feel.

At this time, the B11S is a concept vehicle only and is not available for sale.

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